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New Service: Nutrition Coaching

Since starting my coaching business in 2007 I have learnt a lot about the importance of good nutrition from my own experiences & those of whom I have coached. It’s a fascinating area that has changed a lot over the past 5 years. I decided to take my knowledge to the next level and have spent the last 6 months studying for a Certificate in Exercise Nutrition (Level 1) through Precision Nutrition. The course involved weekly assignments with exams and was the most relevant course I could find to compliment my Endurance coaching business. Not only did it teach me about good nutrition for optimal health, performance and body composition but it also taught me the best ways to coach nutrition. This was a key factor in my decision on taking the course. I wanted to know the latest nutritional information based on research and knowledge of the best ways to coach clients to achieve results, again based on solid research. The coaching methods had to be realistic & the results long term, I’m not into fad diets, calorie counting, weighing everything out or un-necessary supplements.

My philosophy for being Fit For Life involves eating well and exercising smartly, both of which should be FUN!

My studies have resulted in wanting to know more! I now have an even bigger reading list of interesting articles & research to follow. There are exciting times ahead.

Why Have Nutrition Coaching?

  • Improve Your Health – reduce risk of diabetes, increase insulin sensitivity, increase good cholesterol, reduce blood lipids, sleep better
  • Change Your Body Composition – weight loss, weight gain, muscle mass
  • Optimise Performance – feel more energised. Nutrition can impact how you; perform, recover, get injured, get sick
  • What is Good Nutrition? Confused about what you should & shouldn’t eat?

Health, body composition & performance are all related and must be worked on together for long term success.

Fit For Life Nutrition Coaching Process

A general outline of how the nutrition coaching will progress;

  1. Get in Touch, Ask Questions & Decide if you want to work with me.
  2. Initial Assessment: Collection of information & Client Assessments
  3. Consultation 1: Results of Assessments, Goal Setting, Initial Suggestions for Improvements
  4. Consultation 2: Progress Review, Next suggestions for improvements, specific nutrition coaching based on your needs
  5. Future Consults as needed: Progress Review, Follow Up Assessments, Next suggestions for improvements, specific nutrition coaching based on your needs

Meetings can be in person or Online with Skype.

Scope of Practice.

I can offer general nutritional advice and exercise suggestions to help you achieve your health, performance and body composition goals. I cannot advise on specific nutrition for health conditions & illnesses. This is the role of a registered dietician.