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Running Technique


Running Technique Coaching

Good running technique will increase your running efficiency which can lead to improved performance, reduce the risk of injury and generally running more comfortably .

Analysis of your running technique will include:

  1. A detailed look at your running/injury background
  2. Flexibility
  3. Co-ordination
  4. Activation of the correct muscle groups for running
  5. Posture
  6. Foot placement and stride length.

You will come away with a video analysis & summary of the session including how to address areas for improvement.

Along with basic running technique I can also help with breathing, uphill technique, downhill technique & technical running skills.


Thanks for the running technique session the other day. I learn’t a lot more than i expected. Went for a run last night and worked on posture and the propulsion. Took 10 min for the propulsion to start to click but when it did felt so much stronger and quicker with less effort. Absolutely stoked and finely felt like a runner. Thanks heaps.


Just had a quick look at the running technique summary & video analysis and wanted to let you know I’m pretty impressed with the way you have presented this. 

Can see the value in this investment already.



I am continually reviewing running technique & exploring the best ways to coach it. I’m a big believer in not changing too much & will focus on what I believe to be the priority area to help a person run better. I continue to work with a number of physios, podiatrists & coaches interested in this area.


Initial Running Technique Coaching Session with Video Analysis: $80

Follow Up Running Technique Coaching Sessions with Video Analysis: $75